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  • Bulletin of the World Health Organization [Journal]

    Posted on 25th January 2015 by Giulia Fabris in Tags:

    Vashti reviews the Bulletin of the World Health Organization as part of our ongoing series on global health research. Read the review below, and then be sure to browse other Books and Films reviews.

    The acronym ‘WHO’ rolls of the tongue of anyone interested in global health. As I am sure you are aware, the World Health Organization (WHO) is a part of the UN system and is the coordinating authority on global health issues (read more about WHO here). You have probably come across various WHO publications such as the World Health Report or more specific point of care resources (for example, see the GHG Review on the WHO Pocket Book). Importantly, the WHO also publishes a range of journals, and here, I will focus on the Bulletin of the World Health Organization.

    The first edition of this international journal of public health was published in January 1948. What began as an agenda item on an Interim Commission meeting is now a leading resource for international health events and research. Interestingly, the first issue of the Bulletin actually predates the formation of the WHO!

    As the Bulletin’s mission statement highlights, the content aims to provide information on global health news and research, with a focus on developing countries. The Bulletin is published monthly, and all content is peer-reviewed and open access. Each issue includes content on global health news and a variety of research articles. The ‘News’ section includes a ‘Public health round-up’ that serves as an invaluable resource to keep up to date on international health-related news, and also provides the key dates for upcoming events. Regarding research articles, the types of studies vary and encompass the different fields within public health; some articles are accompanied by editorials. I particularly like the ‘In this month’s Bulletin’ section at the start, as it visually summarises the types of articles and location of the studies published in each issue and allows you to select the articles of interest.

    ‘Who is this journal useful to?’ you make ask. As the Bulletin itself succinctly summarises, ‘It is essential reading for all public health decision-makers and researchers who require its special blend of research, well-informed opinion and news’.

    If you are interested in reading the Bulletin, sign up the monthly table of contents email alert, or access past issues.