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  • Lancet Global Health [Journal]

    Posted on 16th September 2014 by Giulia Fabris in

    For our new series on global health research, we are reviewing various journals on global health. Read Vashti’s review on Lancet Global Health below, and then check out her article on Keeping Up to Date with Global Health Research. Browse other Books and Films.

    Lancet Global Health, launched in June 2013, is one of the newest additions to the Lancet family, and its aims and scope fit very neatly into the interests of any Global Health Gateway reader. Its research themes appear to cover the entire spectrum of global health, from specific disease data to health care system delivery, and importantly a combination that reiterates the cross-disciplinary approach required in global health.

    The articles are peer reviewed and include primary research, and expert commentary (more about this here). Importantly, the journal is ‘Open Access’ highlighting that there is no monetary barrier to accessing this research and using it towards evidence-based change. Additionally, the Lancet Global health blog and podcast*, that supplement the journal, provide a space for further discussion by the authors, reviewers and readers (in the comments) section.

    Is it for you? This journal and its accompanying materials will be useful if you are working or are interested in global health. It is a source of major research studies and provides insight into different studies being undertaken globally, while allowing you to follow the academic discussion. It is also a useful way to learn about research methods from diverse fields that may be applicable to you, now or in the future.

    You can sign up to a monthly table of contents listing the latest research, or follow them on twitter.

    *Podcasts dates: A reference to 2012 listing probably means 2013.