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  • Personal Stories


    Advanced Trainee in Emergency Medicine, Rob Mitchell, shares his insightful journey in global health and recent experiences in Papua New Guinea working in clinical education. Read on for Rob’s invaluable tips as well as current ...


    Edith Torricke-Barton is a nurse who is extremely passionate about global health. She shares her wonderful story working in Mozambique and the lessons she learnt along the way.


    Ben King is an engineer working with MSF who is extremely passionate about global health. He talks to GHG about how he found himself working with MSF and his experience in Afghanistan. 

    Malcolm Forbes

    Dr Malcolm Forbes balances his time between caring for patients and undertaking research in chronic disease prevention and care. His work has taken him from Papua New Guinea to Switzerland where he has recently travelled to investigate trade and health....

    Harris Eyre

    Dr Harris Eyre believes in training doctors with diverse skills and strengths – something he knows a lot about as a Fulbright scholar conducting research on mental illness prevention, a policy practitioner exploring links between managing mental ...

    What is a health designer?

    Aoife Kenny is not quite the typical person – she is a 'health designer': a global citizen who has shared her passion for social justice across the world, combining her interests in health and design on projects from New Zealand to Africa.

    Sarah Downes

    Sarah Downes is a trained nurse and Development specialist who has had the opportunity to use her diverse skills in Australia, South America and the Pacific.

    Sophaganine Ty

    Sophaganine Ty is a doctor who has travelled from her home country of Cambodia to the Pacific Islands, and currently undertakes the important role of regional technical advisor on Sexual and Reproductive Health for the Secretariat for the Pacific ...

    Sarah Badju

    Sarah Badju is a policy professional, using her knowledge of social and economic policy to support The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ achieve better eye health in the Pacific.

    Melanie Hutton

    Melanie Hutton is a microbiologist with a passion for understanding infectious disease and is making an impact through her research which could lead to thousands of lives being saved across the globe.