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    The Global Health Gateway aims to connect passionate individuals with organisations committed to making a sustainable impact on global health. We offer free resources for individuals, and free opportunities for organisations to promote their activities and opportunities on our forums and calendar. Each month we have contact with over a thousand subscribers and visitors, who are passionate about global health and keen to find out about work, volunteer and training opportunities.

    Here is how you can make the most of the Global Health Gateway to promote your activities and grow the global health community.

    Promote your activities

    The Global Health Gateway houses Australia and New Zealand’s most up-to-date repository of work and volunteer opportunities (Jobs Board) and events and educational opportunities (Education & Events Board).

    Organisations can advertise for free. Submissions will appear publically after review by a moderator.

    Posts on the Jobs Board must: (i) relate to a specific work or volunteer opportunity, (ii) be applicable to Australian and/or New Zealand residents, and (iii) be directly related to health in a low-resource or marginalised setting. Post a new job.

    Posts on the Education & Events Board must (i) relate to a specific event or educational opportunity, (ii) be applicable to Australian and/or New Zealand residents, and (iii) be directly related to health in a low-resource or marginalised setting. Post a new event or educational activity.

    Help us help you

    As a non-profit, fully volunteer-run initiative we depend on organisations and individuals to help spread the word. Here are a few things you can do to help us connect with global health-minded organisations and individuals.

    1. Use the website.Your biggest contribution is to share your experience and opportunities with others. Post work, volunteering, and educational opportunities on the Jobs Board and Education and Events Board; let us know if things need updating; and follow conversations below all our articles. 

    2. Share the website. Tell your colleagues and students about the resources and opportunities we share through the Global Health Gateway, and join our growing Facebook and Twitter family.

    3. Keep in touch. Let us know how you are going, and how we can update and improve the website for users. To receive periodic updates you can subscribe to our newsletter.

    4. Get your colleagues and students involved. There are loads of ways that people can contribute and be involved, including: contributing content for the website, assisting with photos and design, being a local representative, sharing events and opportunities, and lots more!

    5. Become a supporter. Our supporting organisations provide the finances to keep us going as well as a variety of in-kind support (e.g. advice, web hosting, technical support and venue hire).

    Using the Global Health Gateway gets results! 

    In our inaugural annual user survey, we found that more than 50% of users who completed the survey had taken on a new work, volunteer or training opportunity in global health. Now we need more organisations to post more opportunities so that the growing number of passionate global health workers using the Global Health Gateway will be able to get involved. If you are part of an organisation or institute involved in global health and development, you are invited to join a growing number of other organisations who are using the Global Health Gateway to connect. No strings attached, and did we mention it is free?