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  • Explore Global Health Work Settings

    The work settings described here are designed to bring to life some of the diverse ways health workers are involved in global health around the globe. Each setting is unique and there are implications for both the health worker and the host community. The descriptions are certainly not exhaustive, but hopefully they will give you a unique and personal account of what life is like in each of these fields – and help you to decide what is best for you.

    As you read through the various settings consider what sort of experience it would give you, and what the challenges and the rewards might be for you and those you are serving. If you already have a particular job in mind you will be able to consider more specifically what the implications it will have for you and your host community.

    For you as a health worker, the setting will define:

    • what health issues you are likely to be dealing with,
    • what knowledge and skills are required,
    • what tasks and responsibilities you will be assigned,
    • who you will be working with and reporting to,
    • what your daily routine will entail.

    For the host community, the setting will define:

    • what their major health challenges are likely to be,
    • how they access and interact with health services (and you),
    • how they experience wellness and illness,
    • who will be most vulnerable.